More Than Cat Diaries: Publishing With Weblogs

What is This?

I am exploting Blogger as a vehicle for deliverying this presentation. I aimed to torque the templates and the concepts away form your run of the mill Blogger site.

Notes: About This Blog

This is the presentation for "More Than Cat Diaries: Publishing With Weblogs" to be presented at the New Media Consortium 2005 Summer Conference. It's root and even the the cat and diary reference were planted as seeds (or weeds) in a blog post I made in May of 2004.

It was supposed to be pink, loud, garish, and adorned with pretty kitties to make it the sterotypical "Blogs are just diaries about trivial things like the habits of people's cats".

Here is the program description and the rest of the show lives online:

Blogs are "in" but often viewed as just for "online diaries." However, once the templates are harnessed, weblog software can publish sophisticated web sites. See how the Low Threshold Applications site was converted from a tedious manual editing job to a more coherent and automated site using MovableType. Other examples include project sites and eportfolios, all published via blogware. Learn some of the secrets that have been extracted for doing more than what comes in the box.

See also the photo credits.


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