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LTA Authors
Graphic by Alan Levine
Authors Page Compared for Old and New LTA Site

Notes: Authors Page Compared for Old and New LTA Site

The Authors archive needed a means to display all of the LTA authors and the items they had published.

  • MovableType's database did not provide the exact data needed to replicate the features of the old site's author archives. Usernames in MovableType are not necessarily the display name, e.g. a user name might be alevine where the display name should be "Alan Levine". While this can be achived using the author nickname, there would be no way to sort alphabetically.
  • There is no field available to store an author's affiliation (although later discovery of the XXXXX plugin could have provided a way to archive our results without the method described below).
  • The only way to achieve this would be a large template with manually defined MovableType Entries tags, one for each author:
    <$MTEntries author=xxxxgt;...
    which would need to be manually edited for each new author.
  • There is no way to define co-authors of the same entry.
  • Our solution was to create additional database tables for author information that could be queried to dynamically generate the authors page (using PHP and calls to the MySQL database.
  • More details provided in the next slide

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