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LTA Of The Week Site
Low Threshold Application of the Week Site (a TLTGroup project) originally maintained by Charles Ansorge
Original Low Threshold Applications site

Notes: Web Resources

Low Threshold Applications & Activities or LTAs have been collected and promoted by the Teaching Learning Technology Group (see the LTA web site). An LTA is defined as:

... a teaching/learning application of information technology  that is reliable, accessible, easy to learn, non-intimidating and (incrementally) inexpensive. Each LTA has observable positive consequences, and contributes to important long term changes in teaching and/or learning.  "... the potential user (teacher or learner) perceives an LTA as NOT challenging, not intimidating, not requiring a lot of additional work or new thinking. LTAs are also 'low-threshold' in the sense of having low INCREMENTAL costs for purchase, training, support, and maintenance."  - Steve Gilbert, President, TLT Group, in AAHESGIT-96

For more, see the LTA definitions and characteristics.


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