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LTA Templates
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MovableType Templates for LTA Site

Notes: MovableType Templates for LTA Site

Below you will find links to text versions of all the MovableType templates used for the LTA site. Note that you will find a few things that are specific to our site and server, so it may not work as a cut and paste copy.

  • Index Templates
  • Archive Templates
    • Cateogory Archive- generate the topical category pages- will be automatically generate a new one if a category is added. [template] [view example output]
    • Individual Entry Archive- used to generate a single LTA. The file name is based on a keyword field entry of ltaXX where XX is the LTA number, and the archive settings in the Weblog config define this name according to the code:
      <MTIfEmpty var="EntryKeywords"><$MTEntryTitle dirify="1" trim_to="20"$>
      <MTIfNotEmpty var="EntryKeywords"><$MTEntryKeywords dirify="1"$>
      This makes use of the MTIfEmpty plugin that will assign a file name based on the entry keywords, and if for some reason there is none, it will name the file based on the first 20 characters of the first name [template] [view example output]
  • Misclleanous Templates Note that the comments entry fields on this blug use James Seng's MT Security Code plugin that forces comment entries to verify a randomly generated graphic code to reduce the efforts of spammers.
  • Template Modules Code reused elsehwew in templates, e.g.:
    <$MTInclude module="topnav"$>
    to insert the contents of the topnav module.
    • Comments/Trackback JavaScript (comm-tb-js) -- This module is referenced wherever we need two functions to generate the popup windows for Comments or Trackbacks. This uses a customized function that makes it a little harder for spammers to harvest direct URLs for your scripts that replaces the standard functions referenced in the out of the box MovableType templates. [template]
    • Sidebar (navbar) -- used whereever we need the code for the sidebar [template]
    • Top Navigation Bar Module (topnav) -- This is used to display the grey navigation bar used below the banner on every page. [template]


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