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Ultima Online Blog blog by "Ghosty Twofish"
Blog As A News Center Using RSS

Notes: Blog As A News Center Using RSS

  • Ultima Online - UO On The Web: "Articles mentioning Ultima Online are linked automatically as they appear on Yahoo! News"
  • This site shows that the front page published by a blog need not be just a reverse chronological listing of articles. In this case, the main page, and only page is a display of RSS feed content generated by Yahoo News base don search criteria related to an online game. The content is displayed using Feed2JS.


  • At 4:55 AM, Blogger Ghosty said…

    Thanks for sharing your discovery of my little project.

    The need grew out of a want to display news articles pertaining to Ultima Online (even if in a round-about way) to the general public without having to monitor the content myself. I chose Blogger because I wanted to be able to enter occasional commentary (found on the right-hand margin) about articles appearing in the feed, yet have a hands-off approach to presenting news as it became available.


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